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Domingo Castillo

Born in Los Angeles but a Chicagoland native since 1970 Domingo Castillo got his start in radio in 1992 at Chicago’s Smooth Jazz flagship WNUA 95.5 and enjoyed the next 17+ years thriving at that very same station.

“I had the unique experience to have started as a fan of WNUA in high school, then an intern, a hired producer working behind the scenes, to ultimately hosting my own weekend afternoon show. I was 22 when I first walked through those doors and when that final morning of Smooth Jazz WNUA eventually came, I was proud to say that I’d been with the station for nearly half my life.”

Throughout the later 90s, 2000s and 2010s Domingo continued a simultaneous teaching career as an Associate Professor at Columbia College Chicago instructing in the Broadcasting / Communications department until more recently branching out on his own as a full-time Voice Actor and VO Coach.

He’s logged hundreds of collective miles on bicycle trails with his wife and for the past 15 years he’s somehow also enjoyed a career as a full-time working bandleader / musician performing as many as 125 shows annually.

“Long before I was ever hired to speak into a microphone I’ve forever been a fan of music…and Timeless Jazz just can’t be beat.”

Domingo is proud to be the newest member to join the Jazzy team and is looking forward to sharing old memories of this wonderful music as well as making a few new memories along the way.

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