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Barbie Simpson of Simpson Sheet Metal 

Barbie and her team at Simpson Sheet Metal are so inspired by the women in our community.. They are excited to present to you this month's honoree for Women Inspiring Women.

Will Bucquoy Photo Series


 Mothers, Daughters, Grandmothers, Wives, caregivers, artists, teachers, business owners, gardeners, nurses,, lawyers and active members of the community. Each one of these spectacular people have a unique story of strength and courage to tell. Each have shared their experiences with honesty and vulnerability in the hopes that their stories could help others. Each of them defined by their passions. None of them defined by cancer. I am grateful to each of them for their grace and beauty and strength. (Photos by Will Bucquoy).








Miyoko Schinner

When she was a child, growing up in Japan , Mi-yoko Schinner was given a Julia Child cook book and taught her self to cook .

She would spend all night baking pound cakes , then stuff her backpack with up to 70 of them so she could personally deliver cakes to her Tokyo customers.

After moving to the United stated she wrote several cook books, taught cooking classes, opened a restaurant and received numerous awards including being placed on Forbes Magazine's list of the 50 most inspiring women over 50. But when she became a vegan and moved to sonoma county her life really changed.

She “cracked the code” in making fermented cheese and cultured butter using cashew milk and founded Mi-yoko's creamery. Her business that started with 5 people has now grown to over 200 employees with Dairy free , Vegan butters and cheeses in more than 30 thousand stores across the US.

It is because of her Compassionate approach to business, the many hospitals community centers and charities that she helps, we now put the her name on our list of women inspiring women.


Yolanda Mangrum 

When you're in school, studying to be a dentist, the last thing on your mind is building a community Garden..but that's what, Petaluma Dentist ,Yolanda Mangrum had in the back of her mind. After she started her practice the first thing she did was to buy a huge piece of property in Petaluma to put her office on. With some of the land she didn't use, she started a community garden and hired a gardner to grow fresh food...then give it away to people in need. She opened a community education center, a wellness center , on her vacations... traveled around the world doing free dental work for children. And once a year , Dr Mangrum gives away free dental care to Veterans and their families as a thank you for their service to America.

It is because of her tireless devotion to helping Sonoma County, and the world feel better...that we now place Dr Yolanda Mangrum's name on our list of Women Inspiring women on.


Krista Goranski 

It was pickle in a Chef hat that started everything. 16 years ago Krista Goranski knew she wanted more. Pregnant with her first child she started making meatball subs, French Dips and tri tips at her sandwich shop on Lakeville Highway named Mister Pickles. Once her business was up to speed she heeded the advice of Opera Winfrey and set out to make a difference in the world. Krista invited 30 women to her living room starting a philanthropic group called The Fabulous Women of Sonoma County. Over the years the Fabulous Women have helped charities, family's in need and of course women,

do what ever is needed to make a difference. Now the author of two motivational books, Krista isn't looking back , she is looking forward all because of a pickle in a chefs hat. For her drive and untiring spirit to make Sonoma County a better place to live. We now add Krista Goranski's name to our list of Women inspiring women.


Bonnie Bergin

When she was a special Ed teacher, Sonoma Counties Bonnie Bergin, saw many people with psychical and mental disabilities being sent to institutions. Not because of their disability, but because they couldn't take care of themselves.

Then on a trip to Asia she had her ligthbulb moment, “Why couldn't a dog do that back home.”

Naively, she went to an animal shelter, adopted a Golden retriever puppy named Abdul and started training it.

People told her it couldn't be done but she kept training that dog. She taught it to open doors, get food from the fridge, pick up up dropped items, turn lights on and off. She kept training Abdul until he could help with the life tasks that we hard to impossible for people with disabilities. It is because of the inspiration , passion and persistence of one woman with a dream that we now put the name of  Dr. Bonnie Bergin on  our ever growing list of women inspiring women.


Nicole Humber

When it comes to business, Nicole Humber is a force of nature.

It was 13 years ago, while she was going to school full time, working as a receptionist for another restoration company plus taking care of a new born baby she started working for bravo restoration & construction.


Everything was going great, her life was moving forward until one day....the owner said he was ready to move on to something different... and sell.

Nicole realized that if the company went to someone else or folded all the people who worked there would be out of a job. So she scrounged the money from her savings and from her house and bought the company.

Today her restoration company that fixes homes affected by smoke, fire and flood damage is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and those workers that were about to be unemployed... still have great jobs. 

It is because of her drive, business ability and concern for both her customers and employees that we now place Nicole Humber’s name on our list of women inspiring women.

A mom who stepped into the business world and definitely is making a difference in Sonoma County.


Tracy Mattson

My love of cookies began as many children: sneaking dough from my mom’s mixing bowl. Luckily there was always just enough dough for my mom to actually bake the cookies for the rest of my family! As an adult, I wanted to share my love of cooking with our son, Jack, so we thought about what we could do and do well. We believed we could add something to our community by baking fresh, flavorful and delicious cookies. I love to share my restaurant experience with our clients by providing cookies that are a bit ‘left of center’: familiar in name but exciting and new in flavor. We like that we can bring cookies to another level and make them a wonderful treat for any occasion. 

Tracy Mattson, is a professionally trained pastry chef with over ten years of experience working in fine dining restaurants. She trained at L’Academie de Cuisine in Washington, DC and started her career working in restaurants on the East Coast before settling in Sonoma County, California. Her resume includes working as a Pastry Chef for esteemed chefs such as James Beard nominated Peter Pastan of Washington, DC and Doug Keene of 2 star Michelin-rated Cyrus in Healdsburg, CA. To hone her craft and learn from the amazing talent in the pastry world, she has staged around the U.S. and abroad including Joël Robuchon in Las Vegas, NV, Le Bernardin in New York City, NY and Café Diglas, Vienna, Austria.


Anamaria Morales

When she was a kid living in Healdsburg, Anamaria Morales sold her first Cheesecake.

First a Lemon Cheese cake, then a Cherry Cheesecake.  One by one saving up the profits from each sale until she had enough money to pay for her education at the SRJC. After graduation she thought " why stop here ?"  and she started a company named College Confectionista using the money she made to pay here way , debt free , through UC Berkley. Featured on TV shows like Good Morning America she is on her way to graduation and business sucess , like she says " One Cheese cake at a time."

For her unstoppable spirit we now place the name Ana maria Morales on our list of Women Inspiring Women.


Amy Gutierrez

Ever since she was a kid at Kennilworth Junior high Amy Gutierrez wanted to be a sports reporter.

When she Graduated Casa Grande, she wanted to be a sports reporter.

After College she moved to LA to work for Fox Sports all the while dreaming of being in front of the camera instead of behind it.

Finally after moving back to petaluma she got the chance to report on her favorite team , the San Francisco Giants under the name that thousand know know her.. Amy G

The team and the fans loved her so much that not only did they give her 3 world series rings, but invited her onto the bus in their celebration ticker tape parades.

Since then Amy G has written children's books, has her own web cast, even a special web site where people have her send out positive personal messages to their friends and family.

It is because of the drive of this Petaluma mother of 2 that we put her name on our list of Women Inspiring Women In Sonoma county



Amelia CejaNayleia Juarez Cisneros

If you look down the roster of players for the Santa Rosa High School Panthers Football team, you'll find a name you might not expect... Nayleia Juarez Cisneros. Yes, it is unusual for a girl to play in what is traditionally a male sport, but it didn't phase Nayleia one bit.

Since she first walked onto the field in her freshman year, she has put on the cleats, helmet and pads and played the game with everything she had.

"It's about being on a team and working together," she says, "It is not just about you." Was her mom worried? Sure, but mom showed up at every game to cheer on her football playing daughter who challenged the status quo and proved that anyone can do anything they put their mind to.

Nayleia's new plan? To become a sports photographer for Sports Illustrated. We have a funny feeling that she might just succeed.

For breaking the norm in high school football, we name Nayleia Juarez Cisneros at a Women Inspiring Women.


Amelia CejaAmelia Ceja

At 12 years old, Amelia Ceja left her small town home in Jalisco and headed for America. Weeks later she found herself in a vineyard with a harvesting knife in hand, ready to do what thousands had done before her. Would this be all that life held in store? She remembered what her grandmother had told her over a cup of mint tea, “Whatever you do, if you love it and learn everything you can about it, you will be successful.”


Taking that lesson to heart, she went to school, cooking on the side to make enough money to study at UC San Diego. She married and together with her husband Pedro, helped create Ceja vineyards.


After being named Business Woman of the Year and winning numerous awards for the winery, the California legislature recognized Amelia as “Woman of the Year” for “breaking the glass ceiling in a very competitive business.” She was the first Mexican-American woman ever to be elected president of a winery.


Because of her drive, of her story and her success, Sam’s for Play Cafe names Amelia Ceja as another Woman Inspiring Women.




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