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Pixar has announced they are laying-off 75 employees, including the two executives behind the recent movie Lightyear, which lost an estimated $100 million dollars.

Wildfire Season

The city of Santa Rosa Fire department has officially declared today as the start of this year's wildfire season. The declaration is used to initiate compliance with local weed abatement requirements, as today also kicks off the cities weed abatement program which requires property owners cut weeds and seasonal grasses that are over four inches in height and maintain this practice throughout the fire season.


The process of inflating the rubber dam on the Russian River near the Wohler Bridge is underway. Sonoma Water announced the inflation can take four to 14 days and will aid in recharging vital groundwater supplies.


A wayward jet and an unresponsive pilot led to the the military scrambling fighter jets when the plane passed over the nation's capital Sunday. In order to intercept the plane, the fighter jets were authorized to go super-sonic, creating a huge sonic boom over Washington DC, rattling nerves and startling residents. The private jet never responded and eventually crashed outside of Montebello, Virginia. There were reportedly four people on board, including the plan owners daughter, granddaughter, nanny and pilot...none survived, the FAA is still investigating what took place.


Healthcare in Cloverdale is about to get a massive boost... a long over due, $40 million dollar state of the art medical facility is on the way. Alexander Valley Healthcare plans to open a 3-story, 40,000 square foot facility to serve northern Sonoma, Lake and southern Mendocino counties.

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