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Police Theft Accusations

Rohnert Park Police officers are defendants in a case where 5 men accuse the department of stealing their cannabis and cash. The complaint filed in US District Court accuses the officers of thefts the 5 men say took place during unlawful roadside stops in 2015 and 2016. (photo courtesy Rohnert Park)

PG&E Stock

Investors are sharing their concerns after stock in PG&E plunged as much as 29% yesterday. It was the biggest decline since PG&E announced bankrupsty plans at the beginning of the year. PG&E bonds also declined. Last week, a US Bankrupsty judge allowed lawsuits to resume from Tubbs Fire victims against PG&E. (photo courtesy PG&E)

Governor's Lethal Force Law

Governor Newsom signed a new law that will change the standards for when police can use lethal force. The new rule will allow police to use deadly action only when necessary to defend against an imminent threat of death or serious injury to officers or bystanders. (photo courtesy LA Times)

California Jobs

California's job growth is now in its 113th month, tying the expansion of the 1960s as the longest on record as the world's fifth largest economy continues its recovery from the Great Recession. California needs between 8,000 - 9,000 new jobs each month to keep up with its growing workforce. But for the past nine years, the state average has been over 29,000 new jobs each month. (photo courtesy Dissolve)

Senior Issues Town Hall Meeting

Congressman Mike Thompson will be talking with seniors about issues like Medicare and Social Security at a town hall meeting tomorrow. The discussion will take place in Santa Rosa at the FInley Community Center on College Ave from 2 - 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. (photo courtesy Mike Thompson)

Rohnert Park Homeless

Rohnert Park is working on a plan to help the homeless. Part of the plan is to find a way for safe overnight parking for those who live in their cars. The City Council would also like to see a landlord incentive program to help get people into housing. Rohnert Park plans to spend $450,000 more this year on their homeless assistance program. (photo courtesy Governing)

Forestville Teachers Strike

Forestville Teachers and District have reached an agreement and the 4 day strike is over. A new 3 year contract was agreed on which give the teachers an increase in pay by 5% and with health care contributions. (photo courtesy CBS San Francisco)

Petaluma DUI Crash

Petaluma police arrested a woman on suspicion of DUI and child endangerment after she allegedly struck two bicyclists at an intersection. The 22 year old driver admitted to drinking alcohol before driving and running the red light at an intersection, striking the two cyclists. Both with minor injuries. (photo courtesy KGAN)

Wildfire Victims

Tubbs Fire victims were in court this week, bringing their cases to a bankruptsy judge who heard about the accusations against PG&E. The focus has been on the origin of the fire, whether it was a private property ignition, as Cal Fire determined, or PG&E, who the plaintiffs want to see compensate them for losses in October 2017. (photo courtesy South China Morning Post)

Chanate Property

California Community Housing Agancy has backed out of their bid to develop the former site of Sutter Hospital on Chanate Road. The Agency dropped plans to turn the 72 acres site into affordable housing due to delays from neighbors pushing for legal action against the plan, and uncertain approval of the city and county for the project. (photo courtesy County of Sonoma)

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