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A Letter from the Owner


Dear Sonoma County,


Once again we find ourselves facing a challenging situation here in wine country. In the past two years we have stood toe to toe against two huge wildfires and a flood.  Now, we face a Global Pandemic that is affecting all of our families, friends, businesses and communities. Our way of life seems to be changing on a daily basis.

As we go through this, I wanted to reach out to tell you how we are approaching this new reality at our radio stations. Our first thought is for the people who are affected by this virus. We pray that you will fully recover.  To those that are on the front lines in keeping us safe and healthy, the selfless healthcare workers, you are an inspiration.

I want to assure you that while most of our "behind the scenes" people are working from home, our on air staff is on duty and broadcasting from our Santa Rosa studios for you. During this time, we have closed our studios to the general public to keep everyone as safe as we can, and are temporarily suspending our contests. As soon as it is safe, however, we will re-open our doors and resume giving you the prizes that you want to win.

Yes, we are in uncharted waters, but we are committed to informing and entertaining every part of Sonoma County 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will continue to support the hundreds of charities and community groups who depend on us to get the word out. We will continue to publish on our websites and social media outlets to keep you informed and entertained for however long this pandemic lasts.

We would like to thank our many advertising clients for staying on the air to support our mission of giving the residents of our area the information they need during this very confusing time. Our sales staff and commercial production staff continue to operate on a remote basis so that, if you have a business that people need to know about, we can make sure Sonoma County hears what you need them to hear.

As we move forward, if you have any questions or comments, I invite you to call us at 707-528-4434 or e-mail me personally at Gordon@res-radio.net.







Gordon Zlot


Redwood Empire Stereocasters


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