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Troy Duran

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Troy Duran has loved Jazz since he was about 14. Perusing the album bin in a music store (remember those?) in his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, he stumbled upon Spyro Gyra’s Morning Dance. Admittedly teenage boys typically respond to visual stimuli.

Dropping the needle on track one (the title track) filled his musical sails, pulling him over the choppy shallows of pop rock idols like Alice Cooper and Kiss, into the beautiful deep blue waters filled with the music George Benson and David Sanborn. Deeper dives into the greats revealed more treasures, including Dave Brubeck’s Take Five, the voice of Mose Allison, and of course, trumpet great Miles Davis and Kind Of Blue.

Troy’s love of great music continues, and constantly expands to include the greatest songs of all times, as performed by the best artists of all generations. So, as long as you want to keep listening to Jazzy- he’ll keep on playing the music!

Karen Lehman

Monday - Saturday: 12N - 6PM

Married to Jim since 1981, they have a daughter, Kim, and 2 cats. Karen’s Mom, Marilyn, lives with them in Forestville, where they have hosted house concerts, bringing music close up and personal to neighbors, friends and other music lovers.

Raised on all kinds of jazz, which tends to be her go-to favorite, she also listens to a variety of other styles of music. Karen enjoys traveling, live music, reading, movies, her church family, and relaxing with friends.

Originally from Seattle, Karen’s radio career began in the mid-80’s, after graduating from Los Angeles Broadcasters (The LAB) in Hollywood, California. Immediately upon completion of broadcasting school, she left Southern California to join her husband, Jim, who had found employment in Petaluma 10 months earlier. Karen was hired by local station KVRE and has since been on the air at numerous stations in San Francisco and north of the Golden Gate.

She came on board here at Redwood Empire Stereocasters in May of 1998 and became one of the weekend hosts at KZST, before moving to our Smooth Jazz station, KJZY. Since Smooth FM (93.7) was born in September of 2017, Karen has been the afternoon host. You will also hear her voice on Jazzy (99.1) in the mornings.

Along with her on-air duties, she is also Creative Director for our 5-station group, managing in-house production of commercial spots.

Karen would like you to know and be reassured that radio people look exactly as they sound to you, so you shouldn’t believe any photos you see!

Scott Mitchell

Monday - Sunday: 6:00 PM - 12M
IF ITS ONE THING SCOTT MITCHELL loves, its Sonoma County! Since 1978 he’s been a broadcast fixture at many of the Santa Rosa radio stations, either as a voice-over talent, disc-jocky and radio station programmer.

WHEN SCOTT GRADUATED from the SF Campus of the Ron Bailie School of Broadcast in 1978, he made up his mind that he wanted to live and work in Sonoma County and bugged many of the local broadcasters for a job, eventually getting his first job at KSRO Radio in Santa Rosa, back in the days when it played music on AM RADIO!

LIKE ANY YOUNG DISC JOCKEY, Scott wanted to work in San Francisco with his idols, but still lived in Sonoma County. Over the years he fulfilled his dream working at many of the large stations is San Francisco, but decided after 20 years he wanted to settle in Sonoma County full-time. Ultimately wound up working for Redwood Empire Stereocasters in Santa Rosa, home of KZST and Smooth Jazz 99.1

SCOTT ENJOYS the wide open spaces of Sonoma County and appreciates the Bay Area in general, but its Sonoma County’s people and opportunities it affords to always see something different wherever he travels in the Wine Country. Like MC’ing great Concerts as Rodney Strong with music greats to enjoying a picnic at Howarth Park to riding the SMART train from one end to another.

WHILE WORKING PART-TIME at RES for a few years to pursue private projects in Sonoma County, Scott was offered a position to replace Rob Singleton, who was retiring from Smooth Jazz and it was a match made in heaven. Soon, Scott was offered the morning slot at a brand new RES radio station, “The New 93.7 SMOOTH FM"

THAT WAS JUNE 30th of 2015 and who knew the years would fly by so quickly? As Scott says, “the fun and tightly knit family of employees has made a broadcast dream come true. Everyday, I wake up and come to play---and its like that the whole day---EVERY DAY. Who knows what I’d do if I actually had to WORK for a living??

Brent Alan

KJZY News Director

I am proud to be a 6th generation Sonoma County Native, I love our community. After studying communications at SRJC and Meteorology at Mississippi State University, my broadcasting career started in 1995 at KFTY TV50 in Santa Rosa. While serving as Chief Meteorologist, I also provided weather for KCBA Fox 35 and KION CBS 46 in Monterey/Salinas and KVIQ in Eureka and forecasted for KRON in San Francisco. While at TV50 I also hosted two weekly series, "Into the Millennium" and "Tech Watch". While still on TV, I started my radio career at KSRO in 2000, providing weather for the morning news with Jim Grady and David Westley Page. Over my 20-years with KSRO I also was the fill-in host of the Morning News and have provided private weather consulting services. After spending some time away from broadcasting, I am so excited to be part of the Jazzy family, I feel right at home. You can hear me mornings M-F delivering the news on KJZY. When I am not preparing local news stories, you can find my wife and I roaming the fairways of Sonoma County.

Michelle Marques

Michelle is KJZY's Public Affairs Director who produces the show "Sonoma County Focus", Saturday's at 6:30 AM.

Dave Koz

The Dave Koz Radio Show
Sunday 7AM-9AM

In the 25 years since the release of his self-titled solo debut album, saxophonist Dave Koz has received nine GRAMMY® nominations, had nine No. 1 albums on Billboard’s Current Contemporary Jazz Albums chart, toured the world, been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has hosted the weekly two hour internationally syndicated Dave Koz Radio Show continuously for more than 20 years.

Sid Mark

Sid Mark
The Sounds of Sinatra
Saturday 6PM-8PM

We are sad to report that Sid Passed away on April 19, 2022 at the age of 88. The show will continue with reruns.

It has been written that Sid Mark speaks three languages - English, Yiddish, and Sinatra. Since 1956, Sid Mark has been playing, preaching and praising the talents of Frank Sinatra on Philadelphia radio stations for hundreds of thousands of loyal listeners.

His Sunday with Sinatra and Fridays with Frank shows had been part of the WWDB (96.5 FM) line-up for more than 20 years. In 2000 these shows moved to WPHT (1210 AM) in Philadelphia, and, as at WWDB, Sid hosts the only music shows on an all-talk radio station.

In 1966, Sid received an early release of a new Sinatra album, which he played over and over again for his radio audience. Record stores were sold out of the album virtually overnight. Frank Sinatra learned of this and invited Sid to meet with him in Las Vegas. "My bags had been packed for 10 years," said Sid of this first of many meetings with his legendary friend.

In addition to his weekly Friday with Frank and Sunday with Sinatra programs on WPHT, Sid's Sounds of Sinatra show is syndicated nationally to stations across America.

Joe Piscopo

“Sundays With Sinatra”
Sundays From 6PM-8PM

Joe Piscopo is an American radio talk show host and comedian. He was a
cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1980 to 1984, where he played a
variety of recurring characters. His film roles include Danny Vermin in
Johnny Dangerously (1984), Moe Dickstein in Wise Guys (1986), Doug
Bigelow in Dead Heat (1988) and Kelly Stone in Sidekicks (1992). Piscopo is
perhaps Frank Sinatra’s biggest fan, and his well-known imitation of ole’
blue is always respectful. It’s more like he’s channeling Sinatra. A highlight
in Piscopo’s life took place when Sinatra referred to him as the Vice
Chairman of the Board.

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