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Ed Sherran

The big news out of Bottle rock this year was the duet featuring Bradley Cooper and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam! Bradly even seemed nervous! The other news were the technical difficulties Ed Sherran had during the final day of the 3 day concert. His kepboard was not working and it took techs almost 45 minutes to get it up and running. Ed plowed on and it was the only down note to an other wise successful weekend with 120k music lovers!


Lagunitas Brewing has announced they are moving all brewery operations out of Chicago and back home to Petaluma. The company will still have a warehouse in Chicago, but the taproom and brewery will shut down. By the end of August, production will be back at the brew house on McDowell Boulevard in Petaluma. Lauganitas said in a press release that the move will “allow for a more efficient and flexible supply chain, with a greater focus on innovation.

Park Rangers

Sonoma County Regional Parks is proposing to remove the sworn peace officer status of park rangers. This would elimitate their ability to issue citations and make arrests, instead needing to call on Sheriff's deputies for such actions. The move would also remove stringent training and hiring requirements, allowing the department to fill vacant ranger positions. County supervisors voted 4-1 to approve the move over protests by current rangers and their union that are currently in negotiations with the county. A second reading and vote will come in the future.

E-Cig Ban

The Santa Rosa City Council took a first vote to ban flavored tobacco products and e-cigs at it's meeting on Tuesday night. The vote was 4-1, with Mayor Natalie Rogers voting against the measure. It would also cap the number of retailers in the city at it's current level of 118 and put further restrictions on them. It must go through a second vote before going into effect January 1st.

Mark West Purchase

The site of the former Wikiup golf course has been acquired by Sonoma Water and Ag + Open space for preservation. The 30-acre parcel was purchased from the Jackson family for $5.1 million dollars. Home to half-a-mile of Mark West Creek, oaks, and grassy open space in a residential neighborhood... conservation of this property will enable Sonoma Water to offer public access to the preserve.

Hunger Strike

In a protest over various conditions in the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility, 45 men are on hunger strike this morning. According to a report in the Press Democrat, among other things, they claim inmates were put at risk when other men were transferred to the J module from the Solano County Jail before testing negative for covid. A sheriff's representative says all COVID-19 protocols were followed.

Walmart Remodel

The Rohnert Park Walmart is undergoing a massive remodel, becoming what the company calls a store of the future. First announced by Walmart CEO John Furner last year, the remodel will refresh the interior adding new signage and displays along with renovations to the pharmacy, vision center and restrooms. The store is open during construction and should be finished in several weeks.

Roadway Money

The California Transportation Commission announced that $81 million dollars will be flowing into the North Bay for roadway repairs and transit upgrades. Mendocino County will get the most at over $45 million, Sonoma county will see $15.7 million, Lake, Napa, Solano and Marin will split the remaining $20 million. Most of Sonoma counties money will go towards emergency repair projects from winter storms, including Highway 1 repairs north of Jenner, and a retaining wall and drainage improvement project in Guerneville. 6 new electric busses will also be purchased.

River Shuttle

Sonoma County Regional Parks announced the return of the River Shuttle for the season starting this Saturday. The shuttle will transport riders from El Molino High School to Steelhead Beach and Sunset Beach river parks on weekends and holidays from 9am to 6pm. Adults are $5, kids 18 and under ride free.

Self Defense Shooting

The Santa Rosa man accused of shooting Seamus Gilshenan to death back in December appeared in court yesterday for his preliminary hearing. 19-year old Troy Henry does not dispute shooting Gilshenan, but said it was in self defense after the 34-year old attacked him following his request that he leave the apartment he shared with his mother on Yulupa Ave. According to the Press Democrat, he will return to court on June 3rd for his arraignment.

Matthew Perry

An investigation has been opened into the death of Matthew Perry and how the “Friends” actor received the anesthetic ketamine, which was ruled contributing factor in his death. Perry was found unresponsive in the hot tub of his Los Angeles home. His autopsy released in December found that the amount of ketamine in Perry’s blood was in the range used for general anesthesia during surgery.

Roaring Donkey Closed

Jamison's Roaring Donkey night club and bar in Petaluma is no more. Last night the Petaluma Planning Commission voted to revoke the conditional use permit issued for the business that operates at 146 Kentucky Street. The bar closed following an incident where 5 of it's bouncers were accused of beating up a patron and multiple years of alcohol related issues.

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